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Introducing the Scent Republik MiXuP Collection 

Six unique mood inspired scents, captured in a clever Stik.


Relaxed - Let your hair down, kick back, and relax. Think: bubble baths after long days at school, or cozying up in bed with Netflix. With Apple Blossom, Marine Aqua and Sweet Citrus, use this fragrance to unwind.


Awesome – Feel fabulous and on top of the world. Think: Sipping iced tea poolside, or a girls’ trip to the mall. With Creamy Vanilla, Mandarin and Praline, rock this scent for a fabulous day!


Happy - Sing, dance, and feel cheerful. Think: First day of the summer holidays, or that feeling when your favourite song comes up on shuffle. With Sweet Orange, Apricot and Exotic Hibiscus, swipe on some positive energy.


Magical - Believe you can do anything. Think: unicorn-themed everything, or a night stargazing. With Fragrant Raspberry, Strawberry and Cassis, this spellbinding sweet scent will shoot you to the stars.


Focus - Ace those tests, and nail your homework. Think: mastering long division, or getting 10/10 on spelling tests. With Vibrant Jasmine, Amber and Vanilla, use this scent if you need some #MondayMotivation.


Love – Feel extraordinary with your ride or die scent. Think: Taking selfies or watching your favourite movie with your besties. With Rose, Freesia and Magnolia, it’s totally lovely (just like you and your forever friend).


Use two or three (or more...) Scent Stiks to swipe different layers on top of each other to create a fragrance that is totally you. Find the fragrance that brightens your day by playing with all the different combos.


Available on Amazon Prime.