When it comes to MiXuP, two is better than one. These duos go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows, like Sundays and brunch, like you and your BFF.


The Sweet Duo

You and your bestie will be the sweetest team in town with this fabulous duo. Think: An endless summer holiday exploring with your number one, good sing-a-longs on the radio, and nights spent stargazing. 


The Power Duo

Be your own #Mood with this vibrant and zesty duo. Think: You and your best bud taking on the world together (or at least nailing your next math’s test). It’s YAP, it’s ZAY it’s the ultimate power couple.


The Dream Duo

The perfect date for a night in with your best friend, this refreshing duo is blooming beautiful. Think: Movie night with your bestie, armed with face masks, T-Swift, and plenty of chocolate. 


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