A collection of treasures, moods, and tunes that inspired each scent.


Chill Time

Chill is inspired by those days where you laze about in bed with warm socks, candles lit, and an acoustic playlist in the background. Use this fragrance when you need to take ten and feel zen.


Bestie Goals

BFF is inspired by those days that are filled with laughs, tasty pancakes, and chatting with your friends. It’s the days that are more fun spent with your bestie, like girls’ day at the mall or a movie marathon. Just a swipe of this and you’ll be the sweetest smelling of them all.


Feelin’ Good

Fab is inspired by those extra memorable moments in life where you are feeling your absolute best. It’s wearing a new outfit, an afternoon at the spa, and a fresh manicure. You will be your own #inspo with a swipe of this scent


Full Focus

Zap is inspired by days where you’re on top of your game.  It’s the days where you ace a test, win a race, or get all your homework done before your favourite show. You’ll be your own #MondayMotivation, all day, every day with a swipe of this.   


Happy Days

Yay is inspired by those perfect days where the sun is shining bright and the birds are chirping. It’s good hair days, listening to your favourite song on repeat, and the smell of fresh cookies. Just a swipe of this and you’ll be toe tapping your way through the day.


Shine Bright

Whoosh is inspired by those days where the stars align. It’s day dreaming as you sit in the park, it’s your unicorn-inspired smoothie bowl, and your favourite supernatural tv series getting renewed. This scent will have you reaching for the stars.

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