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I've always believed that a Fragrance can be beautiful no matter the price. Some might say that you get what you've paid for - that is somewhat true but not always the case. As a Fragrance Enthusiast, I can be a bit of a snob, preferring high brow and "artisan/niche" brands. So in this article, I talk about the remarkably cheap Fragrances by a brand called "Scent Republik".

The price point is incredibly low. In Australia, each Scent Stix only costs AUD$9.

In Australia, you can purchase these from Mecca Maxima (click here to shop there).

The three that I review here are the ones currently available to the Australian market.

For the rest of the World, please go to Scent Republik's own website (click here). They have a collection of six fragrances.

Very affordable. There are three scents in the collection. The are all cruelty-free. Each one is meant to convey a mood and they can be layered.

They are called:




The names and packaging are very "pop-py". The spelling of words "republik" and "stix" really conveys the aesthetics. I feel that they are made to appeal to a younger crowd - around teens to very early twenties, maybe even younger.

Outright, I must admit that these scent stix do not appeal to my aesthetics at all. I tend to prefer more artisan, niche and luxury brands. That being said, I am a strong believer that a fragrance when well crafted, no matter how cheaply made and/or priced, is still a good fragrance. It takes such incredible skill to create a beautiful fragrance, or put better, to create a fragrance that might appeal to some audiences.

Textas! Or Highlighting Pens

Roller balls are a great way to try out pricey Fragrances and I think this is Scent Republik's version of the "roller ball" but in a very fun way!

As you can see in the photo, they have the same type of "nib" as a highlighting pen or a texta that you might find in a stationery shop. When I opened them for the first time, I was quite surprised and delighted. How ingenious and fun!

With roller balls which are generally made from glass, I always feel a bit scared that I might drop them or they might break in my handbag. This "texta" format that Scent Republik is very practical! The cap of each "stix" fits tightly on them. Also, to apply the fragrance, you basically "draw" them on your skin.

You might think that these are like scented texta's for children. The concept is somewhat similar, but these do not smell bubble-gummy nor childish.

Each one has a description on the box of the mood that the fragrance is trying to convey. The description also indicates the notes of the fragrance. I guess you can call them "aromatherapy" for teens.

For "Whoosh", the description is:

"Make the day magic, feel the fizz! Get ready to fly with a boost of Raspberry, Strawberry & Cassis. Simply fantastic!"

"Whoosh" does indeed smell exactly like raspberries, strawberries and cassis.

The ingredients list is very short: Ethanol, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water), Limonene.

"Fab" is described as:

"Rock that frock! Work your girl power with Sweet Vanilla, Mandarin & Rich Praline. Fabulous and flamboyant, own it!"

The description of "Fab" is spot on! I actually really like this combination. Vanilla and praline work wonderfully well with each other.

The ingredients list for this one is a bit longer: Ethanol, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Coumarin, Geraniol.

"Chill" is described as:

Time to relax. Kick back with the scent of Marine Aqua, Apple Blossom & Sweet Citrus. Be Free!

This one smells strongly of apples and citrus fruits. It does have a touch of freshness like how your skin smells after a day at the beach.

The ingredients for this one are: Ethano, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water).

From the relatively short list of ingredients, I can't tell if "natural" ingredients were used. Most likely, given its price point, the fragrances are made from synthetic fragrance chemicals.

Also they each state that these are not suitable for ages 0 - 5, and that they are flammable. So for families with young children, I would recommend that these be stored far away from little hands.

I think these are a good and inexpensive way to enter the World of Fragrances. They are fun and they do smell nice. I particularly like the "spill safety" of their packaging.

Though it might appeal more to teenagers, these are perfect to carry in your purse or gym bag for a quick refresher.

I've tried layering the scents in various combinations and have come up with what I personally feel are fragrances that are on par with some of my favourite "high brow" ones.

So it really depends on your personal aesthetics. For me, as mentioned earlier, it's not the price that "makes" a fragrance but rather the composition of fragrance. These smell exactly as they are described.

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My Favourite Spring Scents With Scent Republik


By Aycan Hussein

Spring scents can be hard to pinpoint especially here in the UK as the weather constantly changes. Which inevitably changes our fashion choices and mood. So how does it sound having fragrances in a swipeable stick which you can layer up and change to how your moods take you?

I am always on the lookout for exciting beauty brands to try. Something that's a little different to what's already out there on the market, and products I know you guys would love to hear about too.

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Beauty Therapy: A First Fragrance Worth Noting


By Edwina Ings-Chambers,

I’m not a mother, so I can’t claim maternal rights and insights when it comes to the thoughts in this column. But as an aunt six times over, with three nieces, I worry about the pressures on young girls – in particular, how much they see around them that’s grounded in the idea that sex sells. Even in the beauty world. Actually, especially in the beauty world.

So when the Scent Republik Scent Stik samples landed on my desk, I was intrigued. I was even more interested when I learned the brand was founded by two fathers, Kevinn Hirsch and Alex Theodorou, with three daughters between them, aged from eight to 11. The pair ‘got fed up with this constant beauty standard where everything is over-sexualised’ and decided to do something about it. They wanted options for their daughters – and for other people’s.

‘There was a gap in the market between the stage where children love a Disney fragrance and moving up to a Nicki Minaj or whatever,’ Hirsch tells me. And quite a few of those popstrel offerings not only veer towards raunchy but, says Hirsch, ‘they’re borderline trashy’. What the pair have created to fill this gap is good quality, not just cheap tat because the manufacturer thought its target customer wouldn’t know any better. It helps that these dads have a background in branding, but I like this stuff so much that I want to dedicate this week’s column to it.

Scent Stiks are almost like mini felt-tip markers and children apply the fragrance by drawing it invisibly on to their skin. Theodorou’s daughter and her friends even play fragrant noughts and crosses on each other’s arms with them. It also means that they can’t spritz scent all around the house and give everyone else a stonking headache in the process.

Unlike typical tween fragrances, these aren’t bubblegum or strawberry whiffs. They are understated and sophisticated. The duo hired a well-known perfumier, or nose, who has created six simple, pretty scents that can be worn on their own or layered. ‘Each one is based on emotions, so they are mood-related fragrances,’says Hirsch. ‘In a way what we’re doing is enabling children to acknowledge and deal with their own emotions through a scent. We want it to be inclusive.’ So fragrances have names such as BFF, a blend of rose, freesia and magnolia; Fab, which is vanilla, mandarin and praline, or Chill, a mix of apple blossom and sweet citrus. Each Stik costs £4.95 and although the 3.5ml size sounds small, each one has 1,000 applications of eau de parfum.

The Scent Republik Scent Stiks are easy to carry around, fun, cruelty-free and about getting in some female empowerment early. In an era of #MeToo, it’s pretty Fab to see daddies doing it – and changing it – for their girls.


Glamour - Dear Daughter


Two dads have penned an open letter to their teenage daughters and it'll give you all the feels. It'll make you feel warm and fuzzy.
By Bianca London

To celebrate Father's Day, we decided to flip it on its head and asked two dads, Alex Theodorou and Kevinn Hirsch, co-founders of teen perfume brand, Scent Republik, to pen an open letter to their teenage daughters - and it'll give you all the feels. The two dads put their heads together to write a note to their offspring about beauty standards today, how to have fun and the best snippets of advice they often feel too embarrassed to express out loud.

"Hey girls,

We know we usually chat and that getting an actual WRITTEN letter from us is – like - WAAAAY out of the norm, but we just wanted, for once, to put pen to paper, dad to daughter, to say just how FAB we think you all are. There you are – we’ve said it.

We totally know how crazy busy your lives are and how much fun there is out there to be grabbed with your best friends, but we want you to know that we are always there for you to bounce ideas and creative mad thoughts off. As you get older, the world around you can sometimes seem a bit strange, and although social media is amazing - and, by the way, you lot are SO lucky to have this cool way to connect with your friends – we also know that sometimes it can make you feel you have to look and behave a certain way.

So, we just wanted to say: remember to have the confidence to always be yourselves. And when it comes to celebrity looks, what you see isn’t always real, you know! You and your friends are the coolest squad we know and don’t ever feel pressurised to conform. Your way is the right way – and it’s the absolute best way.

And before you yawn, sigh and say ‘Oh Daaaad!’, just one more ‘genius gem’ from us: be kind. Always. You know we’ve always said to you that being kind is so important? Well, be super kind to yourselves and mega kind to your friends, plants, trees, the ozone layer (!), butterflies, unicorns, rabbits and the dog, of course! And you’ll soon discover this ‘secret truth’ - that kindness creates kindness – it’s like magic.

Anyway, enough of all the serious stuff. Life’s for sharing and having fun with your BFFs – so get on with it!! So stick together, oh, and chill.

Love, Your Dads xxx"

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Betty Box - What's Your Summer Scent Style?


Looking for a delicious perfume that you can sneak into school? Scent Republik‘s clever Scent Stik is our awesome new obsession! June’s bettybox features a full-size FAB! Scent Stik that’s the perfect size to slip inside your pencil case – and when you want a juicy sweep of perfume, pop the cap and get doodling on your skin. Not only is it cruelty-free but it comes in six scrummy summer blends. You can even create a totally unique fragrance – just layer up and get mixing flavours. Not sure which one to buy, or want the whole set so you can get experimenting? Take our quiz and match your mood to your new signature scent.

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