Say Hello to our Magnificent MiXuP Scent Stiks.


Swipe on some fragrant fun!

Scent Stiks are cute marker pen thingy-me-bobs and instead of being filled with ink, they contain fabulously fun fragrances. Clever huh? You can scribble on your scent to your heart’s content (hey that rhymes!) Here comes the (even more) fun part. All Scent Stiks can be layered on top of each other to create a fragrance that’s totally unique to you *Heart eyes emoji*. 


Six to Mix

With six different Scent Stiks, there’s a whole lot of potential combos out there. Have fun finding the fragrance that ticks all your boxes, or since two heads are better than one, team up with your BFF.


Available on Amazon Prime.


You’ve seen us in…

A quick scribble on your pulse points is all it takes and, unlike spray perfumes, that means none of your precious “juice” is lost...
— Ingeborg Van Lotringen, Cosmopolitan
These aren’t bubblegum or strawberry whiffs. They are understated and sophisticated.
— Edwina Ings-Chambers, You Magazine